Stanley Food Jar vs Thermos Food Jar

stanley food jar vs thermos

Are you going to visit Everglades National Park or explore Jungle Island? Scattered thunderstorms that are anticipated in Miami next week should not preclude you from these wonderful adventures. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take warm, fresh food along. Enjoy your favorite, homemade dishes anywhere you are. How to keep them hot longer? Let’s compare Stanley food jar vs Thermos containers. Which one is the most reliable and leak-proof?

Let’s try to select a handy product that makes all your family members feel good.

What Thermos Keeps Food Hot the Longest?

My daughter is 6 years old now. She goes to kindergarten, studying letters and numbers. Math and reading are their favorite subjects. Emma spends only several hours in elementary school. Usually, dismissal is before 3 pm.

However, I want her to have healthy and delicious snacks and lunches. How to enable it? I give her healthy minestrone or chowder in the best thermos soup. Emma’s lunch is to remain hot until noon, at least. So, temperature retention of the food jar matters. It depends on its capacity and the brand.

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Difference Between Brands: Stanley food jar vs Thermos

BrandProductCapacity, ozTime Food is Kept Hot, hr.Time Food is Kept Cold, hr.
Stanley Master 172424
Classic 3220 24
Classic 24 1518
Thermos Vacuum Insulated 1779
Dual Comp 36 57
King tm 24 14 24
King tm 16 914

Commonly, thermos that keeps food hot for 7 hours, suits multiple everyday applications. In kindergarten, my daughter enjoys the soup before it gets cold. However, why do these differences in retention time exist? Famous companies apply unique, patented insulation technologies that are based on foremost inventions. Let’s consider them in detail.

What is the Best Thermos for Food?

Food jar or thermos is a double-walled container. Vacuum insulation prevents the bottle from burning your hands and sweating. According to German scientists, thermal conductivity might be lowered due to application of safe, eco-friendly materials.

Thus, all food jars that are worth your attention, are:

  • BPA-free;
  • sweat-proof;
  • handy;
  • durable;
  • lightweight.

Best food thermos stands out by wide mouth. This perfect option makes it handy to eat soup or another kind of hot food directly out of the jar. Additionally, it’s easy to clean, fill or add ice cubes. However, are there any plastic parts?

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Parts of a Vacuum Flask and Their Functions

Top-quality vacuum flasks are beneficially made of 18/8 stainless steel. Containing about 8% of nickel and approximately 18% of chromium, this perfect material is:

  1. corrosion-resistant;
  2. safe to contact food and beverages;
  3. non-magnetic;
  4. reflective;
  5. unbreakable.

Standing out by smooth surface and lightweight design, stainless steel vessels are handy and durable. They are dishwasher-safe, applicable in harsh environments.

wide mouth thermos for hot food

However, inner part of the lid is still plastic. The stopper might be also made of cork or rubber. This part enables retention function as it lets avoid convection. It matters when you wonder, how to keep food warm for a picnic. Perfectly-insulated jars suit fishing, hunting or hiking trips.

A stopper might be screwed or pushed in the container when it’s being closed. It contacts hot, liquid food, so it should not contain any BPA chemicals. Steel-lined ones are preferable, as they are safe, having good sealing abilities.

The vessel itself consists of 2 metal layers that come with reflective surfaces to prevent heat transfer and radiation. Air is evacuated from the gap between the layers. So, this space is near-vacuum, reducing heat transfer. Inner spacers might be also available in large-capacity containers. These parts fulfill supportive functions. However, we don’t see them, as spacers are located between the inner and outer vessels.

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Thermos or Stanley Flask: Glory of the Brands

When you select a soup vacuum jar that is in line with the application, it’s size and capacity might be decisive. Meanwhile, the brand also matters. Stanley is one of the most reliable and reputable.

Invented in 1913 by William Stanley, all-steel vacuum bottles were put in place. The talented inventor was born in NY but founded Stanley Electric Company in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Producing induction motors and power converters, he created a metal bottle by chance.

Nowadays, manufactured and promoted by PMI (Pacific Market International) Company, Stainley food jars stand out by:

  1. Lifetime warranty.
  2. Unique insulation technology.
  3. Perfect, user-friendly design.

Are these jars made in China nowadays? It’s possible. However, they are leak-proof, top-quality and efficient. The lids are insulated. They can be used as bowls or cups.

Meanwhile, the range of Stainley food jars and vacuum bottles is limited. On the contrary, it might be difficult to decide, which Thermos food jar is best. Variety of products is impressive. Specifically, I prefer the items with spoons and carry handles. These amazing features make the jars convenient to use.

Old Stanley Thermos vs New

old stanley thermos vs newThermos Limited was established even earlier than its famous competitor. It happened in 1904. The First Thermos Plant was located in Brooklyn, NY. Meanwhile, its first stainless steel vacuum flask was introduced only in 1966. Since then, this all-embracing product name became well-known all over the world.

What about Thermos insulation technology? It must be kept secret. What we know is airless space and convection process elimination. A wide variety of hydration lids is provided. A stainless steel spork may be fit inside.

Meanwhile, 2 unique Stainley technologies are recognized. One of them that is considered old, is called Quad Vac. It’s applied to the Master Series products. The technology essence is in:

  • 1-mm-thick stainless flask;
  • complete vacuum between the walls;
  • insulated lid;
  • reliable stopper.

All of these unique features are designed to eliminate heat loss. Ceramivac is a new technology, introduced in 2018. A new collection that is called Go Series has got these selling points. The products feature smooth feel and finish of ceramics, making heat retention even longer. They are recommended to travelers, keeping beverages cold for up to 70 hours. However, no food jar item is available in the line yet.

Final Impression: Stanley food jar vs Thermos

I am sure you know how to use a thermos for hot food. Just clean it thoroughly, pour your delicious soup into it and screw the lid in. It is to be tight if you don’t want the food to get cold very soon. Just ask somebody to help your daughter or son to open it. Preheating the jar with boiled water could be useful. Inner surface still absorbs some heat. So, just select one of the perfect products available nowadays. Let your children and all family members eat healthy, homemade food and enjoy it.

Hello, my name is Beatrice. I’m from Miami, FL. Are you looking for the best vacuum flask, coffee mug or thermos? Do you prefer healthy food? This website is what you need. Get some scientifically grounded tips and enjoy your time outdoors!

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