Practical Tips On Choosing The Best Thermos For Kids Lunches

best thermos for kids reviewChildren’s health is in the hands of their parents whose task is not only to teach kids to keep a healthy way of life and take care of themselves but also provide them with things that will be helpful in this. One of such items is the best thermos for kids lunch. With this thing children get a chance to eat healthy home-cooked food anytime and anywhere.

The main benefit of thermos kids bottle is its ability to preserve the temperature of the liquid or food. After all, they are stored there for a long period of time. And also prevents the spread of dangerous microorganisms. Whether a mom pours hot or cold juice in the thermos, it does not undergo the influence of environment and remains fresh that means beneficial for health. Despite the fact that most children use thermos for drinking, there is a thermos lunch container for kids too. Children get a chance consume food from the thermos as if it has just been prepared and get all the vitamins and minerals with it.

If you understand how important it is for a small kid to eat food that must be kept at the certain temperature in order not to be spoilt and preserve all the beneficial nutrients, you should buy him or her the best insulated food thermos. A guide lower will be a perfect assistant in making the right choice.

Which One Best Thermos For Kids Lunches in 2019

ProductDimensionsCapacityTime it keeps the temperatureColor/pattern 
(Editor’s Choice)
3.9 x 3.9 x 6.3 inches15.2 ozUp to 12 hoursOrange, gray Check Price
Thermos Funtainer Food Jar3.5 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches10 ozCold up to 7 hours,
Hot up to 5 hours
Multicolor Check Price
Snug Flask for Kids7.9 x 3.2 x 3 inches12 ozUp to 5 hours5 colors with different design Check Price
Skip Hop Baby Zoo Food Jar3.7 x 3.4 x 4.7 inches11 ozCold up to 5 hours
Hot up to 7 hours
8 different colors with zoo animals Check Price
Insulated Thermos Food Jar3.9 x 3.4 x 5.1 inches12 ozCold up to 12 hours
Hot up to 6 hours
Red, gray Check Price
Thermos FOOGO Straw Bottle5.3 x 5.3 x 7.5 inches10 ozCold up to 10 hoursGreen and blue Check Price
Thermos Funtainer Bottle
(Editor’s Choice)
2.6 x 2.6 x 7 inches12 ozCold up to 12 hours5 different colors Check Price

1. ENERGIFY Vacuum Food Jar – Best insulated lunch box for kids

insulated lunch box for kids reviewsIt is important to provide a kid with a durable and efficient thermos and this examples does possess such features. Made from stainless steel this child lunch thermos guarantees excellent thermal insulation to keep food either hot or cold within a longer period of time.

The heat transfer rate of this model is at the lowest level thanks to a double wall vacuum technology. The last one has two more important benefits as the outside surface of the thermos has the same temperature as environment does and any condensation is excluded.

This kids stainless steel thermos has several features that make it perfect for children’s use.

Features and benefits

  • 🏆Modern design;
  • 🏆Resistant to scratches and slipping bottom to achieve a more sturdy effect;
  • 🏆A silicone handle that makes it comfortable to carry;
  • 🏆A button to release air pressure to be able to open the lid without putting effort.

These characteristics guarantee that a kid will easily hold and open a thermos as well as be happy to own such a trendy example. However, this is not a full list of premium thermos features. The best quality of materials is accompanied by their utmost safety: the combination of premium 304 steel and 100% BPA-FREE Silicone and Plastic prove the superior quality control from the manufacturer.

Every kid will have enough food with thanks to the good thermos capacity of 15.2 oz. A wide opening makes it comfortable to fill, clean and eat from while a leakproof lid prevents a kid from spills. A double lid serves as a bowl with a silicone handle while a foldable spoon included prevents a child from taking any accessories with. In addition, you will get a nice velvet bag to store the thermos and an ebook to inspire you with new meal ideas to put inside. Care about the health of your kid with home-made meals that are always fresh and at hand in this high-quality thermos.

  • Easy to store and carry;
  • Good capacity;
  • Contemporary sports style;
  • Lid is unscrewed without effort;
  • Solid and sturdy though lightweight;
  • Substitutes travel baby bottle warmer.
  • The spoon is flat and can be stored only in the bag;
  • Works well until you wash the rubber seal.


This food jar is an excellent example of both a baby thermos for hot water and a lunch box for school children. Thanks to the premium quality and durability it will last long even in the hands of active teenagers. The air pressure release button makes it easy to open the flask while a silicone bottom makes it non-slippery on any surface. One more huge benefit is the presence of a bowl that is also a lid and a foldable spoon – nothing extra should be taken with. This thermos deserves to be called one of the best and given to children to use.

2. Thermos 10 Ounce Multiple designs – Colorful small thermos for kids

small thermos for kids reviewThis insulated food jar is manufactured by a trustworthy leader in producing similar products with a 100-year history. Thermos brand has been improving its products since their invention and today offers ones of the best thermoses for kids and adults.

FUNtainer food jar is one of other excellent insulated products that is made from stainless steel according to the double wall vacuum technology. Making the space between the walls airless the company made it possible to guarantee excellent insulation within several hours to keep the original food temperature both hot and cold. Moreover, the exterior walls of the thermos are not subjected to condensation or heating so it is safe to hold it even for children.

The flask capacity is 10 ounces that will include not sizable meals preferred by every kid. However, this little steel ‘monster’ is highly durable and well-built as it keeps the content cold – up to 7 hours and hot – up to 5 hours.

Additional Information

The food jar comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There are bright examples with cartoon heroes and funny images teenagers and adults can choose from. The jar is rather lightweight with 8 ounces of total weight. It has a standard Thermos brand construction with a wide opening and a lid with a gasket to prevent leaks. It makes the jar easy to fill and eat from as well as have no problems with cleaning. There is a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer who also advises to pre-chill or pre-heat the thermos for higher efficacy.

  • Lightweight;
  • Multiple designs and colors;
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Keeps the original hot and cold temperature for several hours;
  • The size is suitable for kids.
  • The lid can be difficult to open with a hot meal inside;
  • Requires pre-heating for the better result;
  • If a gasket is lost, the thermos loses its insulation properties.


It will be a wonderful thermos food jar for kids who enjoy having everything bright and colorful. Every little kid will love eating fresh meals next to his favorite cartoon character depicted on the thermos. Moreover, children like being different from others and this example allow that combining exclusive design with excellent quality. Being one of premium Thermos brand food jars it has impressive insulation properties as well as such convincing features as reliability, durability, and ease of use.

3. Snug Flask for Kids With Straw – Designer children’s thermos for beverages

lightweight children's thermosThis thermos guarantees the utmost fun to every person who needs high-quality insulated products. Promoting healthy lifestyle the company makes its product bright and unique so this great bottle is not an exception. Not only food but also drinks must be kept fresh and hot for children so this bottle is designed with this goal in mind.

The thermos is made from stainless steel that guarantees excellent insulation. The unique design offers five different themes for a kid to choose from: you can get a flask with sea creatures, robots, pussy cats, spaceships or unicorns. The manufacturer indicates that a thermos must be used by children between 3 and 15 years. There are no customary lids as you can press the button and get a straw to drink from – it is a guarantee of hygiene and ease of use. The lid also has a ring to carry or fasten the bottle to the rucksack.

Useful Facts

This insulated bottle has a capacity of 12 ounces – enough for kids of different ages and fitting the side mesh pockets of most bags. It keeps cold or hot drinks temperature up to 5 hours so your child will always have a fresh drink with.

  • Hygienic design;
  • Excellent construction and quality;
  • Perfect size fitting different pockets and cup holders;
  • Top-notch customer service;
  • Lightweight;
  • Durable.
  • Should not be put in the dishwasher;
  • The button can break.


The greatest benefit of this thermos bottle is care about children. There is no need to unscrew lids with dirty hands or be afraid that a child can spill hot tea and get a burn. A hygienic button and a straw are a wonderful kids solution. Moreover, it is not big, has a ring for carrying and interesting design. The thermos keeps the initial liquid temperature and is durable. What else is required?

4. Skip Hop Baby Zoo Food Jar and Spork Set – Superb thermos for toddlers

best thermos for toddlersSkip Hop is an American company that produces premium quality products to be used by babies, kids and their parents. It has produced a set of products to feed babies and toddlers one of which is an insulated food jar.

One of a few kid thermos food jars for babies this example has a capacity of 11 oz. It was designed especially to keep small portions of both cold and hot baby food. The average time during which this thermos preserves the food temperature is 7 hours hot and 5 hours cold. The thermos is meant for every kid who is older than 12 months and is absolutely safe being BPA-free and Phthalate-free.

The thermos design is rather standard. Its stainless steel jar has a plastic bottom to make it more sturdy and a plastic lid with a built-in holder of utensils. The last one has a comfortable opening to hold a spork – a combination of spoon and fork – and can be easily removed if not required.

Features and Specifications

The company does its best to produce stylish and well-curated products and this stainless steel thermos are definitely such too.

What makes this kid food thermos exclusive? This soup thermos for kids is of 8 different colors with a zoo family depicted on. Children would love their smiling faces and funny look.

In general, the jar is rather small and lightweight being about 8.2 ounces. It is one of several items in the set and is a must-have for parents of toddlers.

  • No leakages;
  • Lightweight;
  • Cute design;
  • Keeps the temperature well;
  • Can be easily opened by a kid;
  • Durable and practical;
  • Makes meals on-the-go easy.
  • The picture is can peeling off with time;
  • Plastic can crack.


Created with the thought about children this product is preferred by many parents as the best kids thermos for school lunches. Adults are not afraid to give it to their children to the kindergarten as even a small kid can unscrew a lid and eat the meal with a spork. The stainless steel it is made from is highly durable and resistant to drops and scratches. The time period it keeps the temperature hot and cold is really long. The overall impression about this kid thermos is very positive.

5. Insulated Thermos Food Jar – By Tasty Trails – amazing kids hot and cold thermos

kids hot and cold thermos reviewTasty Trails brand creates its products with the goal to take home everywhere you go to. Quite a good motto for a thermos that allows taking some healthy and fresh home-prepared food with no matter where you head for. This insulated food thermos makes it possible to carry tasty home meals and eat them with the feel that they have been just cooked.

This example of hot lunch containers for school is made from stainless steel with some plastic elements. The excellent insulation is guaranteed by double 18/8 steel walls and complete absence of air between them. There is a plastic bottom to make it stable on any surface and a plastic lid that can be easily opened and closed. Both adults and kids can use it as the flask are portable and light as well as BPA-free. Its capacity is 12 oz while the weight of an empty food thermos is only 6.4 ounces.

This vacuum food jar keeps the temperature within an impressive period of time. The tests have proven that hot meals will remain hot up to 6 hours, while any cold food or beverage will keep low temperature up to 12 hours. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees absolute resistance to leakages and being condensation-free.

Interesting Information

A wide mouth is comfortable enough to eat from, fill and wash it easily. Another great benefit is a convenient handle to carry and a foldable spoon to store in the cap. All you need to eat freshly is always with you thanks to that.

This children’s thermos is a wonderful adult gift too being sold together with “Best Tips & Recipes for Food Jar” ebook. Parents will surely know what delicacies they can put in the food thermos and how to feed their kid healthily. Moreover, there is a 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

  • Easy to open;
  • High quality;
  • Durable and sturdy;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • The spoon is hidden so does not need extra cleaning;
  • Maintains the temperature rather long.
  • Plastic details can break easily;
  • Keeps cold meals better than hot ones.


Excellent quality of a thermos makes it the number one choice to be used both by adults and children. Every kid will love this great product because of its contemporary design and ease of use. A comfortable handle makes it portable while a foldable spoon is a good addition. There is a nice capacity to consume a substantial meal and wide enough opening to clean it easily. A book of recipes will make the nutrition to fill a food thermos various and tasty. Efficient thermos of high quality.

6. Thermos FOOGO Straw Bottle – Best insulated bottle thermos for cold beverages

best insulated bottle thermos strawAnother high-quality product from Thermos brand is FOOGO bottle with 10 ounce capacity. Made from stainless steel it has a double wall insulation that allows keeping the original temperature of cold beverages up to 10 hours. Designed for kids of 18 months and older this thermos bottle prevents the content from the spread of microorganisms and spoiling as well as remains sweat-proof. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches at the bottom, has a comfortable to grab contoured shape and can be used on a daily basis by kids. The straw revealed with a single press on the button prevents from spills and makes drinking comfortable in any situation.

Useful Information

The thermos has a premium quality and is absolutely safe being free of BPA materials. It guarantees a hygienic and easy to operate drinking as well as easy cleaning with a  removable straw stem and being dishwasher safe.

  • Reliable and durable;
  • Contemporary design;
  • Unisex;
  • Easy to wash being dishwasher safe;
  • Keeps the cold temperature up to 10 hours;
  • Can be used by kids since 18 month old,
  • Is not used with very hot liquids;
  • Leaking.


A product of high quality from a renowned brand dealing with insulated items over 100 years. The thermos must be used only with cold beverages and that is a bit disappointing but 10 hours of temperature preservation sounds impressive. This thermos has a nice design and is easy to use so even a toddler will be able to drink from it. Other important benefits are a possibility to use a dishwasher and its durability. The last feature is of utmost significance if used by kids.

7. Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle – A perfect cold drinks thermos for kids

cold drinks thermos for kids reviewsThermos company has a wonderful FUNtainer line of insulated bottles for kids and adults. Characterized by a double wall vacuum insulated technology this thermos is made of stainless steel without any air between two steel layers. It guarantees excellent cold maintenance properties up to 12 hours. Despite the fact that this bottle can be used only with cold fluids it is still a great companion for kids who prefer cool and fresh drinks. With the capacity of 12 ounces it makes the drinking process comfortable thanks to the straw that is released with a press on the button. In addition, there is an integrated loop to carry the bottle easily.

The following thermos bottle is reliable and unbreakable. Moreover, with the thought about kids there is a breakaway lid that will snap off if dropped and can be adjusted to its place without much effort. The efficiency of the bottle can be improved if to pre-chill it before use. The manufacturer also gives a 5-year warranty for the product that is incredibly lightweight.

  • Leakproof;
  • Multiple colors;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Durable;
  • Keeps liquid fresh if left overnight;
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Can get moldy with time;
  • Does not work with hot drinks;
  • Difficult to clean the straw.


A quality product of Thermos brand goes in multiple colors and has excellent insulation characteristics. The thermos bottle is designated only for cold fluids and has a comfortable and hygienic system of opening. A kid can easily open the thermos and drink the beverage contained there with the help of a straw. The material thermos made from is durable and reliable so every child will enjoy his or her cold drinks at least for several years.

Buyer’s Guide and Conclusion: Best Kids Thermos

Features of the best thermal containers for school lunches and insulated bottles for kids.

The children’s thermos must be made from safe materials and be easy to use. That is the reason to consider several important features each kids lunch box with thermos or bottle should possess. There are several of them:

  • The durable and unbreakable material of thermos: stainless steel is a perfect choice;
  • Use of only safe and high-quality materials: any steel, plastic or silicone parts must be BPA-free and safe for kids;
  • Capacity: kids do not need much food or drink so the thermos capacity must be quite little;
  • Weight and size: the bottle or food jar must be easy to carry and store in the bag;
  • Ease of use: the lid must be easy to open; the bottom should be resistant to slipping; the straw in a bottle thermos is a plus.

Conclusion: What The Best Thermos For Kids

There is always a question of what differs insulated products for kids and adults. It goes without saying that both of them must be durable and quality ones.

Thermos design and styling also play a big role. Kids adore everything bright and patterned as well as their favorite cartoon heroes so their image on thermos is a wonderful benefit as the thing will become a favorite one thanks to that.

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  1. I’m a single father and just wanted to say thank you for all this information. As silly as it sounds, I had no idea what to get for my daughter when it came to school lunches. I only just started taking care of her full time and she is 6. I just ordered a few from the list, I will see which one she likes best.

  2. I found your list a few weeks ago and ordered one of those Snug Flasks after reading about them here. I am about to order 3 more! I want to get another for my son and two for my daughter. He is not able to spill his drinks so easily and they are perfect for when he has his sporting events.

  3. I send all 3 of my teenage kids to school with the Tasty Trails food containers, I’ve never had any complaints from them and I’m happy they get to eat the good food I make them. Keeps it warm until lunchtime as well, it’s a well-made container. My 4th child starts school soon, so maybe I’ll get one of those Funtainers for them.

  4. I need a compact food container for our camping trips in the spring. The Energify looks really nice, 15oz is a good size and I read it keeps food hot up to 7 hours, warm up to 14 hours so that’s great. I’ll have to get a few of these for the family to use. I’d like to see more color options in the future, maybe.

  5. After debating on which of these to buy for 20 minutes, I decided on the food jar by Tasty Trails. Unfortunately, it is “currently unavailable”. Shame, it looks perfect for my daughters. I’ll go with the Energify food jar instead as the other 2 are for much younger children. Thanks for this article, it was a great help!

  6. Those Funtainers are perfect for keeping drinks and fruit cold. I even stick some cheese sticks and rolled up lunch meat in them. Unfortunately, my two boys have a habit of leaving things behind so this is the 4th time I am buying them new ones! Worth every penny though. Glad I found them online, I originally got them for the local Target but they no longer carry them.

  7. I am not a big drinker or eater so I often opt for children’s size items for lunch and on the go. I ordered two of those Tasty Trails thermoses and they have been perfect for me. The 12 oz capacity is enough to fit in a nice serving of soup or chili for lunch or I use it for my coffee and tea to keep it nice and warm. I just pour it into a small mug at the office when I arrive.

  8. I had gotten a thermos for my child at the beginning of the school year. Within 3 weeks it started leaking. I was able to exchange it for a new one and the same thing happened. I ended up letting my daughter take mine to school. With the school year nearly done, she goes and loses it. Now I am sitting here trying to find her once again. Thanks for the list, it is a huge help!

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