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About Author PageMy name is Beatrice Rogers and welcome to my new blog, Best Vacuum Flask! I am obsessed with healthy way of life and food, as an essential part of the lifestyle. I love cooking my favorite dishes and it’s important to keep them hot before eating them out. Therefore, I looked for the best thermos for various applications such as hot drinks, soup or multifarious dishes.

I tried to select a suitable vacuum flask in a local kitchenware shop, but I found the product range available there not sufficient for a good pick out. Quite naturally, thrift stores offer only affordable, but low-quality and outdated vessels. That’s why I decided to study the products in full and start this blog to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Why do I create this website?

I come from Miami, Florida, and I am used to spending a lot of time outdoors and on the beaches. Healthy life is extremely important for me. Thus, eating out is a good idea, as street food is multifarious and delicious here. However, the prices are a bit higher than throughout the USA, and homemade dishes are always desirable, especially when you need something special or keep to a diet.

I have a daughter, she is 5 now, but when she goes to school, a thermos would be essential every day. Thus, I am looking for the best, top-quality vessels that are stylish by design, and I will be glad to recommend the best products to you. My tips are sincere and scientifically grounded. They are based on:

  • my personal experience and impressions;
  • expert opinions;
  • reliable certifications, like FDA;
  • true online reviews;
  • scientific researches;
  • product tests.

I just want to help you to take a good decision, knowing all the key products’ features, their pros and cons and enjoy your food always and anywhere.

So, keep strong and fit with the healthy, homemade, hot food, enjoy chilled cooling beverages and ask additional questions about the vacuum flasks and their benefits. I will try to ask you asap, providing complete information.

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Quality insulated flasks are an excellent solution for keeping food and drinks!