Top 5 Models to Choose the Best Thermoses for Hot Food

best thermos for hot food reviewsIt is a common knowledge that hot food tastes better and is more beneficial for our digestive system as it should not put so much effort to deal with it. However, it is not always possible to preserve homemade food hot or at least warm, so the best thermos for hot food is a necessity in the rat race of our daily routine. Insulated products are used by many people but not everyone has appreciated their wonderful properties for keeping food hot for a long period of time.

Today, it is not surprising to see a variety of thermos bottles for hot food in the market. They differ in size, material, design and of course, the time within which they manage to keep the temperature.

The choice of the only excellent example can be a tough task, so we have picked out 5 best-rated thermos jars to keep food hot. It will not only eliminate your effort but also let make a right choice of high-quality thermos.

Which One Top Thermos for Hot Food in 2019

ProductDimensionsCapacityTime period it keeps food hotColors 
Zojirushi SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar
(Editor’s Choice)
5.4 x 6 x 8.8 inches1.18 LtUp to 6 hours4 colors Check Price
Simple Modern Rover - 12oz Rover Food Jar5.7 x 4 x 3.9 inches12 ozUp to 4 hours15 colors Check Price
Zojirushi SL-NCE09 Ms. Bento Stainless-Steel Vacuum Lunch Jar4.4 x 5 x 8.1 inches17 ozUp to 6 hoursStainless Check Price
Lunch Box Vacuum Container by Chefcoo™8.8 x 6.6 x 6.2 inches1.3 LtUp to 6 hoursRed Check Price
Vacuum Bento Lunch Box Food Carrier10 x 6 x 5 inches2 LtUp to 12 hoursCoffee Check Price

1. Zojirushi SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento – Durable stainless steel thermos food jar

thermos food jar reviewsA good hot food thermos should be not very big to carry it easily but with a good capacity to put the whole substantial meal there. This model from Zojirushi brand is one of the most reliable, durable and easy to use thermos flasks. Available in four different colors (yellow, red, silver and gun metallic) it has a modern design and is good to take both cold and hot meals with.

The hot food thermos has a simple design. There is a plastic bottom to prevent a jar from slipping and a reliable upper container with a lock for more reliable storage. In addition, there is a spork with a special cover that can be attached to the thermos and a nice zippered bag for easy transportation.


The main benefit of the thermos is a set of four thermos hot and cold containers included. The thermos made of stainless steel holds four inner bowls:

  1. A soup bowl (9.5 oz) with a gasket-sealed lid and the main bowl (15.2 oz) to keep hot food.
  2. Two side bowls (6.8 and 10.1 oz) containing cold dishes.

They are separated by an insulated lid that prevents the lower part of the thermos from getting air. Each of the bowls is safe for a microwave but should be washed by hand.

This model has excellent heat and cold retention of 153° F and 50° F correspondingly after 6 hours of keeping the content. It weighs 2.7 pounds and the total capacity of 1.18 Lt.

  • Excellent quality;
  • Combines both hot and cold meals;
  • Nice capacity;
  • Keeps food hot long enough;
  • Nice transportation bag secures from scratches and can be attached to the backpack;
  • Provides a well-organized meal.
  • No dishwasher cleaning;
  • Inability to rearrange the containers.


If you are not a fan of microwaves or have no access to it, but you wish to keep soup warm for lunch, this thermos is a wonderful solution. Not only soup but also one more meal can be eaten hot, while two more thermos bowls for snacks and fruit keep all your food for a day in one place. Up to 6 hours of temperature retention is great for any trip or working day.

2. Simple Modern Rover – 12oz Rover Food Jar – Best quality lunch container for hot food

lunch container for hot food reviewsA modern hot food Rover thermos is made of stainless steel with double walls. It never gets sweat and is always pleasant to touch as it is not subjected to the temperature changes from the outside. The 18/8 quality steel is covered with a powder coating of 15 different colors providing the thermos with a unique texture and a vibrant range of shades. The inner flask exterior is covered with a layer of copper for premium insulation. All the materials used feature a high quality, are BPA-free and approved of FDA.

The content of the thermos is resistant to spills and leakages thanks to the double-wall insulated lid that is twisted securely. The hot food container can be with you anywhere you go as it is suitable both for drinks and meals. This thermos will help you eat healthily as you will always have a home-cooked dishes with preserved at the right temperature. The flask is durable and rather lightweight-only 12 ounces.

Features and benefits

The food thermos keeps the temperature of the content cold for 10 hours and hot for 4 hours. Thanks to a wide opening it is easy to fill and clean as well as eat from.

  • Modern bright design;
  • Leak-proof;
  • Premium copper coated insulation;
  • Durable;
  • Good size to store a big meal;
  • Safe.
  • A plastic seal should be always taken out to wash and is not long-lasting;
  • Does not keep very food hot;
  • Not dishwasher safe.


Looking for a hot food thermos without inner bowls and good capacity pay attention to this model. The thermos will make every meal a real holiday with its bright color and nice insulation. Keeping the temperature hot up to 4 hours you can get a fresh and beneficial lunch that is easy to eat thanks to a wide mouth.

3. Zojirushi SL-NCE09 Ms. Bento Lunch Jar – The best food containers for work

best food containers for work reviewsOne more reliable thermos for organized hot food is a product of Zojirushi. This model is made of BPA-free stainless steel for the best insulation. This is a versatile food thermos where you can serve up to 3 different courses no matter whether they are cold or hot.

A steel jar includes three plastic containers with lids to prevent leakages and spills.

  1. The first bowl is called the main one with the capacity of 10 oz.
  2. The second one is known as a side bowl and can include 11 oz. It is the only bowl that is kept in the lid and is not insulated. You can keep snacks and salad there.
  3. The smallest 7 oz bowl is meant for soup. The last one has a gasket-sealed lid and improved insulation to keep soup hot for a longer period of time.

The jar has a plastic non-slippery bottom and a non-stick coated outer container with a reliable lockable lid.  In addition to the hot food thermos with bowls, you will get a spork with a separate protective cover and a modern carry bag for comfortable transportation.

Interesting Features

All the thermos bowls can be put in the microwave oven to heat the meal. At the same time, only hand-washing can be used with the thermos and its parts.

The best thermos for school lunch can keep it hot for hours, weighs 1.95 pounds and has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Perfect for kids;
  • Superior quality;
  • Excellent insulation;
  • Large bag;
  • Includes everything needed for an organized meal;
  • Great design.
  • Not enough to put a man’s meal;
  • May leak.


It is rarely possible to get a good-looking product with nice characteristics, however, a Japanese brand managed to create this thermos to eat only hot food. It is durable and keeps the temperature well. Moreover, with this thermos keeping food warm for lunch, you do not need any accessories as everything you require for eating is there.

4. Lunch Box Vacuum Container by Chefcoo™ – A functional keep food hot container for lunch

good hot food thermoses reviewsThis stainless steel double-walled thermos is a reliable assistant at work, school or during outdoor travels. This hot food insulator will preserve the original temperature of the meal within several hours and you will serve a fresh and just-cooked dish anytime.With the capacity of 1.3 Lt, this thermos will keep the 60° C temperature up to 6 hours.

It is very comfortable to keep food in it thanks to two leakproof steel containers with lids put inside the jar. They are sizable enough to provide an adult with a hot substantial course.

The best thermos for soup features an eye-catching design. Painted red it has a plastic bottom for better sturdiness and a reliable twist lid.

Useful Opportunities

The unique insulation technology makes this thermos resistant to condensation and the exterior remains cool all the time. Moreover, it inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the jar too.

Together with a lightweight thermos food jar of 2.5 pounds, you will get a nice zippered bag for comfortable transportation.

  • Keeps food hot for hours;
  • Can preserve two dishes separately;
  • Leakproof;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Brilliant design;
  • Big capacity.
  • Inner containers are hot touch and remove from the jar;
  • Too big for kids.


Unlike other hot food thermos models, the capacity of this jar is enough to feed an adult with a substantial meal. With 1.3 Lt and two metal bowls with lids, your meals will be diverse and sizable. Forget about leaks and preserve the original temperature of a just cooked food for up to 6 hours.

5. Vacuum Bento Lunch Box Food Carrier – Excellent wide mouth thermos for hot food

wide mouth thermos for hot food reviewsVeMee insulated products have already gained the trust of many users and this model is one of the new updated ones with excellent characteristics.

This thermos is made from 304 stainless steel that is absolutely safe for keeping food. It is proven by multiple tests and certifications obtained. The material is dense thanks to the third copper layer in addition to customary double walls of the jar. It allowed making the insulation long-term and preserve food fresh and hot for several hours. The thermos is absolutely leakproof, easy to use and clean thanks to the wide opening as well as carry. It is portable thanks to a convenient handle and can be easily opened using a rubber grip on the lid. The thermos base is non-slippery and resistant to scratches.

Interesting Characteristics

With the capacity of 2 Lt, this wide mouth insulated food jar can easily contain a huge meal and keep it cold or hot up to 12 hours. There are two leakproof steel containers that fit the thermos jar and can store two hearty servings for big eaters. Despite such a great capacity, it weighs only 2 pounds.

  • Great capacity;
  • Keeps food hot within half a day;
  • High quality;
  • Modern design;
  • Sturdy;
  • Resistant to leakages and scratches.
  • Food stored below makes containers messy;
  • Requires pre-warming up.


This thermos is close to perfection as it is difficult to find a jar that will keep meals hot for a half of the day, look wonderful, be resistant to leakages and include stainless steel bowls with a lid. In addition, its capacity of 2 Lt is enough to feed the whole family so there is no better product for picnics and travels.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Hot Food Thermos

Many people got used to making choice between Thermos vs Stanley food jar, but there are many other reliable manufacturers that produce quality thermos flasks. Usually, people are interested only in the question: how long does a thermos keep things hot? But you should also consider the following features when you choose a model to keep hot food:

  1. 🏆Safety and durability of the material it is made of.
  2. 🏆Type of lid and presence of sealing to prevent leakages.
  3. 🏆Capacity.
  4. 🏆The presence of containers inside the jar.
  5. 🏆Accessories included (spork, bag, string etc.).
  6. 🏆Ease of cleaning.
  7. 🏆Appealing design.

Conclusion Best Thermos for Hot Food

With such a quality thermos, you can forget about lunch boxes, a search of the microwave oven to heat the food and annoying spills and smell. A good thermos will prevent you from additional troubles as it not only prolongs the life of fresh and hot cooked food but also does not allow any smells and liquid to leave it until you open the lid. Find a model to your taste among top 5 of the best thermos jars listed above and eat healthy and hot food you take with.

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