The 5 Best Insulated Cups for Cold Drinks, Durable and Efficient Ones

best insulated cup for cold drinks reviewsIn summer, we all like traveling and spend a lot of time in our favorite, picturesque beaches. Therefore, refreshing beverages are essential to beat the heat, and the best insulated cup for cold drinks is to be in every vehicle or backpack.

Par example, I like iced coffee, and I often make various fresh juices for my daughter. Meanwhile, picking out the best cup to keep drinks cold for several hours, at least, is a challenging task. It is to be safe, spill and leak proof, eliminating the liquid contamination, and efficient, made of reliable and pure metal, double wall, coming with vacuum insulation. Thus, let’s discover 5 best insulated cups that keep ice cold. I have selected them from several dozens of perfect products for various drinks, and I have tested them. Therefore, now I can recommend them to you, highlighting their pros and cons.

Which One Top Insulated Cup for Cold Drinks in 2019

Product NameVolume, ozLid TypeWeight, ounces 
The Coldest Water Travel Mug
(Editor’s Choice)
21standard loop13.6 Check Price
Contigo Autoseal Mug20sealed13.6 Check Price
RTIC Tumbler30crystal clear, straw-friendly17.6 Check Price
Zojirushi Mug16safety lock & cup10.4 Check Price
SIC Tumbler30straw-friendly16 Check Price

1. The Coldest Water Hydro Bottle: Best Insulated Mug for Cold Drinks

lightweight insulated mug reviewsThe insulated cup is perfectly lightweight that is great when you are traveling by foot or just walking around the city, requiring some refreshing drinks or beverages. The flask is handy, built to fit cup holders of any kind: car, bicycle and backpack ones. Made of pure stainless steel, vacuum sealed, double walled, the mug is odor-resistant and BPA-free.

Therefore, the bottle perfectly meets the needs of professional athletes, being top-quality and durable. It is made of 18/8 grade steel, containing some chromium and nickel. So, it’s the cup that keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours. Due to the rubber grip, it’s extremely handy, easy to hold when you are running, doing exercises or swimming in the large pool or ocean. Being lightweight, the insulated mug floats in water, being always at hand.

The loop-style lid also helps to carry the bottle outdoors, being leak-proof and reliable. It screws tight, offering you to enjoy your favorite beverages when you are thirsty or feel hot. Additionally, the mouth is large enough to let large ice cubes in, and the lid fits tight, allowing no bacteria to get inside, so the drinks always remain contaminants-free.

Features and benefits

The insulated bottle comes with only one lid; the other types, like straw or flip-top ones, can be purchased additionally. But, I think, it’s not the insulated cup’s drawback, but a great opportunity, making the bottle even more attractive and convenient. It is described as machine-washable, but I don’t put it in the dishwasher, wash it by hand. Additionally, I like its light blue color, the paint is quite resistant in the river water, but aggressive environment on the beach like salt water and sand can damage it. So, I prefer to keep the cup inside the sack or in the car.

  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • excellent temperature control;
  • easy grip;
  • tight seal;
  • large mouth;
  • floats in water;
  • leak-proof;
  • screws tight;
  • no-sweat technology;
  • fits virtually all cup holders’ types.
  • ice melts inside in 30 hours:)


Overall, I recommend the product as the cup that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or more, being durable, easy to clean and carry, leak-proof and lightweight.

2. Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug: A Seriously Ice Cold Cup

ice cold cup reviewsAn insulated cup for cold drinks and refreshing beverages is necessary every day, especially in summer. You can use it everywhere in the office, outdoors or in a gym. Meanwhile, the really spill and leak proof cup fits vehicles, trains and planes the best. Thanks to the self-sealing lid, the Contigo mug is amazingly handy and easy to use. It makes drinking accessible even to the drivers, as one-handed drinking is possible. Just press the button, and sip the beverage.

However, when the cup is idle, it seals automatically, eliminating any leakage or spilling. It definitely fits your car holder and keeps the drinks cold up to 12, or even 18 hours. My test showed: the juice remained pretty icy in 14 hours. I think it’s enough for short-time trips, then you come home, or stay in a hotel, and access a fridge, anyway. Additionally, I like shaking beverages inside the insulated mug, as I am completely sure, they never spill.

Features and Specifications

The lid is screwed and unscrewed conveniently, in a single move. Meanwhile, the insulated cup, or its body, is to be hand-washed only. It is stainless steel, double wall, quite stable and durable. The lid is dishwasher-safe, but I prefer washing it by hand, as well. The cup’s contour is really great – it’s elegant and comfortable to grip. Multiple beautiful colors are available, but I like silver and black ones the most, as they are versatile, elegant and always appropriate.

  • automatically seals;
  • spill and leak proof;
  • handy to hold;
  • fits multiple car holders;
  • comfortable to sip;
  • one-handed drinking is enabled;
  • keeps drinks icy up to 12-14 hours;
  • BPA-free;
  • stable and durable.
  • you are to press a button to sip;
  • scratches are possible if you drop the cup.


Therefore, I review the item within the best insulated cups with lids, and recommend it highly, but in terms of cold drinks only.

3. RTIC 30 oz Item: Super Insulated Tumbler Cup

best insulated tumbler cups reviewsPerhaps, anticipating longer trips to lasts up to 24 hours, you would need a larger cup that retains coldness really good. The RTIC Tumbler is really reliable, efficient in the long run, and great in summer and hot climate conditions, like we have here, in Miami.

The insulated tumbler is the most recommended due to its beneficial key features, such as:

  1. easy grip;
  2. heavy-duty lid;
  3. airtight seal;
  4. great insulation properties;
  5. long ice holding;
  6. no-sweat surface.

The body is made of 18/8 – grade steel, being double walled and handy. Due to vacuum insulation, it’s the insulated cup that stays cold long even outdoors, standing out by amazing temperature retention, so you can always enjoy the necessary drinks’ temperature. Thanks to the narrow and tall design, the tumbler is easy to grip. It comes with a splash-proof lid, fitting various cup holders that are installed in the vehicles. Thus, even if you are driving a car or a truck, riding a boat, the beverage won’t spill out of the insulated, remaining odor and contaminant-free.

Interesting Characteristics

The advanced temperature retention characteristics are possible due to the innovative lid that seals in the cold, being straw-friendly, simultaneously. Additionally, the outside surface is always dry, thanks to no-sweat technology.

  • large;
  • narrow top;
  • handy and convenient design;
  • fits multiple cup holders;
  • no-sweat technology;
  • straw-friendly;
  • 24-hours coldness retention;
  • efficient lid seal;
  • splash-proof.
  • may be too tall, fitting not all cup holders.


Therefore, I recommend the product as the best insulation cup for cold drinks and daily use, as it’s reliable, efficient, handy and very popular nowadays. However, don’t place it in a dishwasher. The cup is hand-washable only.

4. Zojirushi SM-KHE48XA Mug: Effectual Keep Drinks Cold Cup

best cup keep drinks cold reviewsMorning jog or the daily commute to the office also requires some beverages to take along. Thus, a compact and lightweight insulated cup is essential in daily routine. Zojirushi bottle is perfect to travel or exercise, easily transportable. I can tuck it into my backpack, or even purse because it’s convenient, spill-proof and no-sweats.

Due to small capacity, the insulated cup is sufficient for short journeys only, providing little dehydration. Meanwhile, it is durable and efficient, keeping drinks icy for multiple hours. As usually, its interior is made of 18/8 grade steel, sanitary and rust-free. However, it stands out from its counterparts by slick steel finish that helps resist corrosion and repel stains.

Interesting Benefits

In other respects, the insulation process is the same: vacuum is created between 2 layers of stainless steel, and it is essential to keep drinks cold for several hours. Due to the tight-fitting lid, temperature retention is excellent. By the way, the mouth is sufficient for large pieces of iceAdditionally, the insulated mug is considered to be dishwasher-safe, but, anyway, I wouldn’t risk washing it this way. It is easy to care, but I still wash it by hands to prolong its life.

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to carry;
  • spill-proof;
  • durable;
  • easy to wash;
  • innovative, electro-polishing technology;
  • it is to be opened by both hands only.


Thus, I recommend the product as the best insulated cup for cold drinks, in terms of compact design, ease of use and insulation technology.

5. SIC Glacier Travel Mug: Superb Insulated Travel Mug

best insulated travel mugs reviewsThe tumbler is promoted under the brand, deciphered as “Seriously Ice Cold” It means, it’s excellent for refreshing beverages and cold drinks, being durable and efficient. Personally, I like its deep blue color and the sleek design.

The insulated cup is terrific to traveling with it, having barbeques or just entertaining. It is terrific during hot winter months, helping us to survive the enormous heat. 30 oz capacity is quite good, enabling us to stay refreshed for several hours, at least. The tumbler’s surface is powder coated, so, it’s sleek, stylish and handy to grip. Due to slim design, it fits most available cup holders’ types. It enables the insulated mug’s personalization that is engraving a monogram on its top face surface that is the unique, distinctive feature of the product.

Useful Features

Quite naturally, the insulated cup is double walled, sweat-free and made of 18/8 kitchen steel grade: sanitary, safe and easy to clean. Meanwhile, hand washing is recommended, as placing the mug into a dishwasher is not safe enough.

The tumbler keeps your favorite drinks icy for 24 hours. The lid is shatter- and spill-proof, airtight, coming with a spot for a straw. Multiple colors and options are offered, but I prefer this deep blue tumbler as it’s large, stylish and handy.

  • large capacity;
  • powder coated surface;
  • durable;
  • straw-friendly lid;
  • no-sweat technology;
  • strong;
  • BPA free;
  • continuous chill retention;
  • wide mouth;
  • personalized;
  • easy to wash;
  • sleek design.
  • the lid’s spot is not the most convenient.


So, I recommend the product as the best double walled tumbler that is essential during longer trips, barbeques and eating out amusements.

Buyers’ Guide: What The Best Insulated Cup For Cold Drinks

I guess, insulated cups for cold and hot drinks are always necessary. I would have at least two items: a smaller, mug-type one for jogging, fitness and walks. The second, of a larger capacity, tumbler-type, is to be in a car when you are traveling or going to a barbeque, during a commute to the office.

Therefore, the best stainless steel insulated tumbler is to be:

  1. durable;
  2. leak-proof;
  3. no-sweat;
  4. portable;
  5. stylish and elegant by design;
  6. lightweight.

I recommend only the double-walled cups herewith, as they the best to maintain the temperature, keeping the drinks icy for many hours. The lid can be of several types, according to your preferences and needs: straw-friendly, standard loop or autoseal, but it has to be spill and leak proof, reliable and easy to open. Due to innovative technologies, the mug is always dry, no-sweat, that is important when you put in in a sack or purse.

I prefer the cups, made of 18/8 stainless steel that is healthy, food-safe and lasts really long. This abbreviation is caused by the metal composition, consisting of chromium (18%), nickel (8%), the rest is iron. The grade is also known as 302 or 304 (according to AISI specification), it’s virtually the same. Due to nickel content, it is perfectly hardened and corrosion-resistant. Chromium, meanwhile, creates a natural barrier, making the metal stainless or rust-resistant.

Additional Features

The basic features of the best cup to keep drinks cold are essential. I recommend you only double-walled, reliable, handy and durable mugs that have perfect chill retention, keeping the drinks’ temperature enjoyable, odor- and contaminants-resistant during the whole day long, even in summer. As to the optional features, you are free to select the items that are:

  1. powder-coated;
  2. lightweight;
  3. coming with large mouths or openings;
  4. of larger or smaller capacity;
  5. autosealed;
  6. personalized;
  7. with perfect, mirror finish.

Variety of bright or neutral and elegant colors are available. They may be critical for fitness, jogging or outdoor trips. Additionally, the insulated cup that fits the holder in your car, vehicle or boat is preferable. That’s why their outer diameters are commonly standard. If you doubt, better the check dimensions before selecting the suitable item.

How to Wash the Mugs?

Some cups for various cold drinks are promoted as dishwasher-safe ones. Actually, when I pick out a tumbler to keep drinks icy in terms of daily use, I need it to be convenient and easy to care. The technologies really differ a little, not significantly. The outer surface may be different, but all insulated cups I highlight herewith come with stainless steel surface inside, non-reactive, but a bit soft, prone to scratching.

Thus, when I need a mug to be long-lasting, I prefer to wash it by hands. I wash it with soapy, warm water, then rinse and keep it dry. A sponge can be used, but only a soft one. I think you are to be very careful with the external surfaces to avoid damaging them. Especially vulnerable are the cups painted outside, with various letterings, signs or monograms. I only rinse them by water and don’t towel off, leaving them dry freely.

Powder coated, insulated tumblers are more scratch-resistant. Thus, I can wash them with a sponge, adding some detergents, if it’s necessary.


Selecting the better insulated mug for cold drinks, consider its application, your needs and preferences. A lightweight and compact flask with a handy grip like the one from the Coldest Water brand perfectly meets the requirements of professional and amateur athletes. It floats in water, being essential in your favorite beaches and swimming pools. However, due to undurable paint, it requires a sort of delicate handling.

The best insulated cup with straw commonly comes with a really large mouth, enabling you to add ice to the drinks easily. Being of 30 oz capacity, it is wider by diameter, especially its top part. But, before buying a tumbler such as RTIC or SIC Glacier, measure your cup holder’s dimensions, making sure that it fits it.

The autoseal or lockable travel mugs like the items from Contigo or Zojirushi are irreplaceable during commutes, short or long walks. So, I hope, this review helps you to make your choice. Stay healthy, enjoy the summer, beat the heat with cold drinks and ask the questions to know more about the insulated cups.

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  1. Never thought I would have to buy a water bottle online! The stores around here just want too much for insulated water bottles. This was a huge help for sure. I was not really sure which kind of bottle to go with but seeing the pros and cons lists really helped me make a decision. Plus, I have Amazon Prime so I will get my bottle ASAP.

  2. The hot pink variety of that RTIC tumbler is only $13.97 right now, that’s a steal. I should get one for my wife. I currently use the Contigo mug all day, every day. It truly it leak-proof, so glad I bought it. The latte color looks really nice. Great list from you guys!

  3. I really can’t decide which cup to buy. Ideally, it can double as a hot drink cup as well. Will any of these retain ice and keep coffee warm for 12 hours? I can’t spend too much and would like it to do both. The Contigo can only keep drinks hot for 7 and others don’t mention hot drinks. Any idea?

  4. I’m wondering if any of these cups can withstand the extreme heat here in Arizona. Would drinks still be nice and cool after 10+ hours on a 120f+ day? I’d put them in the car for our long trips across the state. I could get an ice box as well if needed. Please advise.

  5. The Zojirushi is the one I bought and have been using for a few weeks. I highly recommend it. I bought it after finding it on this list and reading the reviews on Amazon. It was exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted something to take along with me so I can drink more water on the go everywhere. Very convenient and compact.

  6. I am looking to get an insulated water bottle for my grandfather. He rides his bike 2 miles every day and always uses those horrid BPA filled plastic bottles. I told him I would buy him something better. Which of these bottles would fit great on a bike? He is 75 so it needs to be easy to open as well.

  7. I am new to these kinds of water bottles. I had never used an insulated one. I have always just gotten the large cases of bottled water from the store. Now that we have a filter system in the house, I can drink the tap so I am looking to get some bottles. A friend of mine told me to get steel ones. I think I will give numbers 2 and 3 a try. Not a fan of the other ones.

  8. I am a long time glass water bottle user. I HATE using plastic! Unfortunately, I broke my last glass water bottle and I can’t find them in stores anywhere anymore. Someone recommended I try a stainless steel one. I am going to give the Coldest Water Bottle a try. I mainly take my water bottle to the gym with me and when I am going to be outdoors a lot.

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