How to Keep Food Hot for Hours in Winter?

how to keep food hot for hoursWinter is a busy time. You are to work hard and earn money. Children go to school and spend many hours there, studying sciences and subjects. You do sport, spend some time outdoors, travel and entertain on weekends. You and your children have to take fresh, homemade delicious food every day. How to keep food hot for hours in the cold season?

Let’s discuss the best methods and technologies that enable it. Which jars or containers are the most reliable, safe and handy?

How to Keep Food Warm for a Picnic?

Fortunately, here, in Miami, we don’t suffer from winter cold and snowfalls. Florida enjoys delightful sunny days. It’s pretty warm, with average temperatures of about 60s – 70s degrees Fahrenheit. February is a busy month on the beaches. So, it’s pretty comfortable to have a picnic outdoors in winter using best hot food thermos. Meanwhile, how to keep food hot for a picnic or dinner party?

Now, it’s much easier to keep foodstuffs safe. In summer, extreme heat and humidity cause bacteria growth. According to USDA, eating can be left out during an hour only, when it’s hot. If the temperature exceeds 90° F, it might be dangerous. So, we can go to Tropical Park or Pinecrest Gardens to have a picnic. Which options will we use to take our home-cooked meal out? Shall we select small or large containers that keep food hot for hours?

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Best Hot Food Containers

Type of ContainerCapacity, oz.Keep Food Hot, h.Keep Food Cold, h.
Vacuum Flask 10-429-12 18-24
Insulated Lunch Bag 16-650 6-710-12
Aluminum Foil Container 2-8 2.5 - 34-5

So, when we are going to have a picnic, thermal bags work. These containers that keep food hot for hours are pretty roomy. They are handy, easy to pack eating and carry. So, you can haul a lot of delicious meals. It meets the needs of a large family and several friends.

How to Keep Food Warm for Potluck afterward?

Having dinner outdoors, you supply several delicious dishes. Providing your neighbors and friends, with a meal, you keep it hot during 1-2 hours. If you have a potluck in your yard, it’s easier. You can use various appliances, such as:how to keep food warm for hours

  • your oven;
  • slow cooker;
  • chafing dish;
  • rice cooker;
  • wood-fired grill.

Quite naturally, it’s much healthier to cook or heat meals right before serving. A thermos that keeps food hot for 7 hours is useful during trips. Bring it along to your office to consume your delicious soup or stew. All its materials are 100% BPA-free and safe.

Will you use disposable containers outdoors? They are convenient when you have a camping trip or a catering event. Aluminum foil is an anti-corrosion, heat-resistant material. You can bake cakes and reheat food in these containers. Additionally, you don’t have to clean them. Just dispose of them. Aluminum foil is recyclable, so it’s environmentally-friendly.

Are aluminum keep food warm containers completely safe to cook and contact food? I don’t think so. Cooking and serving food in them may increase aluminum content in food. A high level of this metal may cause dangerous diseases. Its amount is insignificant. So, it’s still acceptable.

How to Keep Food Warm for Hours?

If you are going to carry lunch to an office, an insulated food jar is a great option. Going to school, your kids are to get healthy, fresh nutrition. It is you be home-cooked, delicious and warm. It improves their digestion and immune system.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to select the best thermos food. Insulated containers and vacuum flasks are:

  1. food jar with lid
  2. Leak-proo.
  3. Lightweight.
  4. Durable.
  5. Easy to open and use.

It’s possible to use a lunch box that keeps food hot. Some of them come with stainless steel interiors, as well as food thermos jars; certain products come with electric heating features. Therefore, you can use them in your office. On the other hand, kids don’t use these options at school. At least, my daughter is too young to reheat her eating by herself.

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How to Keep Food Hot without Electricity?

Concerning bacteria growth risks, I would prefer to reheat food than to keep it hot. There are very few devices able to support high temperatures, exceeding 140° F hour upon hour. Do you live in a private house? I would advise you to use alternative sources of heat, such as:

  • wood fuel;
  • natural gas;
  • propane;
  • solar power;
  • charcoal.

Cooking food outdoors, in your fire pit is romantic and healthy. Ceramic cookware could also be helpful. This material conducts heat slowly and evenly. Don’t you have this perfect opportunity? In this case use containers that keep food hot for hours. Or make them by yourselves. Take a container and wrap it by aluminum foil. It is to contain only food-safe plastic or other materials.

Do you think heat-resistant plastic exists? I would prefer PP or HDPE materials. Most importantly, they withstand high temperatures up to 250° Fahrenheit. Moreover, these plastics don’t leach harmful chemicals or toxins to your meal. So, to make lunch boxes that keep food warm for hours, insulate your containers. Use towels, wool, cotton or felt fabrics.

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General Impression

Using hot food containers for lunch boxes, consider your climate. If it’s cold outdoors, wrap them by a thick layer of fabric. Use thick aluminum foil. Lay several towels down in the box, on the sides and the bottom. It works when you are traveling or transporting eating in your car. Otherwise, I would still use top-quality thermos products. They came with advanced insulation technologies, being handy and easy to use.

Hello, my name is Beatrice. I’m from Miami, FL. Are you looking for the best vacuum flask, coffee mug or thermos? Do you prefer healthy food? This website is what you need. Get some scientifically grounded tips and enjoy your time outdoors!

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